G Gibbs Bolt action rifles

A new George Gibbs Ltd  ,cal 300 H&H , bolt action , fitted with H&H type Q/D mounts , open sights and 2 interchangeable ‘ scopes set at the same height above the bore . Our “flush ” sling swivels and stock fitted to the customer for bend , cast off and length . Rifle weighs 10 lb with the Nickel scope , 9 lb 6 oz with the Habich and 8 1/4 lb open sighted .

Below a small selection of our custom built rifles on a variety of actions . We favour Mauser 98 , Ruger 77 , Sako , Winchester Mod 70 and Mannlicher -Schoenauer  but we are happy to listen to your suggestions on action type 

250 Savage based on Ruger Mod 77 short

“Blind Floor plate ” with custom trigger plate and trigger guard

Border barrel custom fitted and chambered

used for hill stalking Roe deer . Lt wt at 7 lb

Lt Wt 375 H&H based on Ruger Mod 77 Highly accurate with just peep sight and foresight

Lt Wt 7lb 375H&H short stroke bolt 4 shot mag capacity

Peep sight for accuracy

magnum floor plate custom fitted

Ruger Mod 70 Mk 1 with shotgun type safety

moon sight in position

combined moon sight and protector moving into place

standard .065″ foresight bead

sunken sling swivel

Sunken sling swivel and trap door grip cap

custom shotgun trigger guard with integral floor plate release

Flat top ” English checkering

300 H&H based on Sako action , scope and open sights + peep sight

.308 based on Sako 75 , sub MOA groups consistently

Best quality , fully engraved