2nd hand gun sales

We are pleased to offer a selection of fine used guns . All offered with the Gibbs guarantee ,This gives you the peace of mind that for 1 year from the date of purchase George Gibbs ltd will put right any mechanical failure in a 2nd hand gun purchased from us at no charge ( please see guarantee page) Our policy on barrel wall thickness is as follows. The thickness of the barrels at their thinnest point ( usually approx. 9″ from the muzzle) does not affect the general safety of the gun , indeed we have seen guns used with wall thicknesses 1/2  of what we consider the minimum . Barrel wall thickness is only really relevant in terms of repairing damage ,such as dents, which have to be repaired. It is our belief that any second hand gun we sell should be fit for a lifetime of use . Therefore we try to only sell 12 bore guns with a minimum wall thickness at 9″ from the muzzle of .025″,we know we can repair even severe dents with barrels over this minimum . For larger bore guns we increase the minimum thickness and for smaller bores we reduce it , for instance in 28 bore we have .020″ as the minimum  . If  we do offer a gun for sale which has thinner barrels it will be made obvious on this site and you will be informed if you call to view it ; a reduction in price( compared to a similar gun with adequate wall thickness) to reflect the effect on the long term use of the gun will also be made Please click on a thumb nail to open a page detailing the item . once on the page click on any picture to maximise