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Circa WW1 Army and Navy 250 Size

Cartridge Magazine


Schwerdts Mirokus 2015 034






Schwerdts Mirokus 2015 029

Circa WW1 Leg of mutton case ( 30″) £175                





Vintage Bakerlite oil bottles for rifles £ 5                                                 eachIMG_6169






Vintage brass oil bottle for rifle                                                              £10IMG_6168






Antique “worm” for Muzzle Loader                                                       £10IMG_6167





12 bore “Payne Galleway “type pull through with leather case VGC £45IMG_6166




10 bore pull through and case , VGC

SOLD                                                       £ 30






Small tin of Youngs 303 oil circa 1975.Ideal for a vintage gun case   SOLD