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mc1From our work shop in Wiltshire we can build you new s/s shotguns and rifles, both side and boxlock, O/U guns, bolt action rifles from .22 to .505 magnum and new Gibbs  Farquharson falling block rifles.

We also have a shotgun range for fitting, tuition and practice on site.

A large selection of some 150 shotgun and rifle walnut stock blanks are kept for customer choice.

We Specialize in Gun fitting , we are confident we can make sure your shotgun is shooting where you are looking

We see a number of clients every year whose shotguns are shooting up to 3ft ( 90 cm) from where they are looking at a target, for a variety of reasons , from poor gun mounting , poor gun fit or bad advice from others.This makes accurate shooting quite difficult  In most cases we can cure this problem

All other repairs from sleeving, rebarreling, new springs, rejointing, bending and alteration of stocks carried out to the highest standards.

Game fair stand

Please contact us for an estimate
2nd Hand Guns
We also offer a brokerage service to sell your gun for you or to find the gun or rifle you require.

We will purchase guns and offer a number of modern, vintage and antique guns and rifles for sale as well as cases and accessories.