Recent Sales


The following are examples of guns and rifles we have sold ,allowing you to gauge the quality that we strive to find on your behalf click on pic to enlarge



G Gibbs best full cross over Sl/Ej 






G. Gamba BestG. Gamba Best O/U game gun O/U game gun





Webley & Scott 700 28″Wales & guns for web site 022




Webley & Scott model 700 26″

Osborne , Wilkes and Webley 700 025





W R Pape best 12 bore BP Hammer Gun

WR Pape 1874 BP H/G

WR Pape 1874 BP H/G







Winchester 101 Lt/Wt Game Wales & guns for web site 006






Beretta 687 EELL  20 bore ,30″





Webley & Scott 702 , 30″Schwerdts Mirokus 2015 011





Krieghoff  pre war 30″ Pigeon Gun IMG_6277





Beretta SO9 20 bore O/U IMG_6364


Restocked by G Gibbs Ltd



Beretta 686 28 bore ,IMG_9270

customised by G Gibbs Ltd




AYA 12 bore Olympic , O/UIMG_6282




Webley & Scott 12 bore

Model 700 26″ barrels26" Webley 700






IMG_6398  Beretta 57 EL 1980 built Game Gun






IMG_7720 34″ barrel Purdey 12 bore Hammer gun built for Charles Gordon in 1899  





S & C Smith 16 bore M/L Rifle in Mint condition                  Antique( Smithrifle 5) - Copy





Robertson 28 bore sidelock ejector IMG_6326



7th Jan '10 098rc1

J Blanch light weight 12 bore , restored by ourselves , the perfect gun for walked up shooting, an historic gem




Blanch HG ,Browning & Nock Percussion 034rc2

J Blanch bar in wood H/G in superb condition, a real delight for the new owner ,used on clays and game



Blanch HG ,Browning & Nock Percussion 043rc3

E M Reilley 500 BPE double rifle ,cased and with a full set of loading equipment, very accurate and could be used on plains game , bear or deer in this country


A 16 bore x 303 Drilling refurbished and restocked by us , a great favorite of the new owner

rainback 005rc5

A pair of H Trulock Harriss (not to be confused with Trulock & Harris) we sleeved and refurbished these guns.


A Pair of J Woodwards , rebarreled by Clive Lemmon , that we acted as Broker for