Gun Fitting a specialty

I am lucky to have been taught and have learned the art of gun fitting from probably the master of this “art ” Robert Churchill . His nephew Les Garood worked for my father after Churchill’s death , his knowledge was passed onto Chris Cradock and Bill Ricketts who in turn spent much time instructing me .

I have 2 try guns , the original try gun that can be shot , patented by W’m Palmer Jones ( the same as H&H use ) and Frederick Beesley’s original try gun , which weighs the same as a normal game gun 

I have also studied the issue of ” eye dominance ” of which much mis- information seems to be given today by some  instructors  and authors . I have specialized in fitting for people with central vision and cross eye dominance ( both rare conditions ) as well as putting right many , many people who visit me having been told they have cross eye dominance ( in 99.5% of cases they do not !)

Access to an 8′ x 4′ pattern plate ensures fitting is scientifically proved

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W P Jones try gun , the original gun from the patent of 1889

highly adjustable


up to 1 ” of movement for bend

Beesleys try gun of 1895

adjustable for cast up to 1 ” either way